Academy Pricing

The SGM academy allows up to 200 of your employees (per month) access to all 32 courses, for one low fee.

SGM Course Features

SGM has been providing professional Security Officer training products since 1998. Our training materials are designed to help with your specific needs, and our programs typically exceed 95% of most state requirements. Our programs help motivate and educate your employees to become better professional leaders in the security industry.

  • Access to all 32 Courses

  • 24/7 Access

  • Up to 200 employees per month for one low fee. Additional employees easily added. See below.

  • All courses include: reading material, practice questions, videos, graphic visuals and a 20 question final exam

  • Students must view each page, and complete all practice questions, videos and pass final exam before certificate is issued

  • System requires that videos must be watched in full as part of course completion

  • 80% or better final exam score required to pass each course

  • Certificate issued upon successful course completion

  • Employee Bundle Access: 60 day free access increments

  • Additional employees easily added. $99 per extra 200 employees per month

Its easy to get started!

  • Sign up for the Academy

    Just click on the "join now" button to set up your account. As an account owner, you will have instant access to the academy courses.

  • Receive and share employee link

    Once your account is active, we will create and send you an "employee" link that you can share with your employees. This will allow them to sign up for free.

  • Access all academy courses

    Once an employee completes their sign up with the "employee link", they will have access to all of the courses. Employee access is good for 60 days increments.

Course Bundle Includes:

Here are all 32 courses that are included in your bundle.